22 December 2015

Basque Dance Costume Photo Gallery

I completed this costume in May 2015 as part of my undergraduate thesis on Spanish traditional costume from Valencia and the Basque Country.  It wasn't required, but I did it anyway as a little extra something and because it was fun.

No progress posts since this was about a week-long build only, but I made the red linen skirt, applied the black stripes, and made the bodice based on a Tudor Tailor pattern.  The apron and headscarf are made from scraps of muslin and then embroidered.  I didn't make the shirt, but really I didn't have time to, and I imported the traditional abarkak shoes from the Basque Country.

Researching this project made me realize that I would very much like to learn the Basque language Euskera.  Let's put that down for the hypothetical future in which I have free time.

Included at the bottom is a selfie that I took the day of the presentation, for those who are interested.


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