27 November 2015

Holo the Wisewolf Photo Gallery

Holo from Spice and Wolf was my 2015 Anime Boston competition cosplay and she did well, taking home the second place award for master division craftsmanship.

Build time was relatively short--I completed most of the costume between early January and late March.  Textiles are mostly silk, with the exception of the back of the bodice and corset (which is cotton) and the wig is a Lady Winter/Sad Stark from The Five Wits.

The only design concessions I made here were detailing, such as the patterned green overskirt made form an old sari, and moving the tail from the inside of the skirt to the outside so that it would be more visible.  I also added a pair of Basque dance shoes to make it con-legal and comfortable for walking around!

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