08 April 2015

Holo the Wisewolf: Wolf Takes All

Wow, so it was a whirlwind weekend at Anime Boston!  Saturday and Sunday at the con were great.  I missed out on Friday due to an unfortunately planned midterm.  Sad days.

In the end, though, Holo did quite well!  She won second place master craftsmanship in the masquerade.  Winning an award at Anime Boston has long been on my bucket list.  I am not quite sure what to do now!  My cosplay competition drive is running on fumes right now, so I was thinking of trying to staff some cons this year instead.  It seems like the next logical progression, I suppose!

Anyway, I'll go ahead and finish up my progress posts about Holo and we can finally put this thing to rest.  It'll probably be some time before I get around to doing a Holo photoshoot, but considering how many TONS of photos I had taken this weekend, I am sure that plenty will crop up!

As ever, I am eternally grateful to Katie Bair for writing her amazing wig book, because it saved me here yet again.  Most wolf ears I have seen looking nothing like the rest of the wig and are poorly blended, if at all.  I wanted mine to look like they sprouted from my head rather than being separate pieces because...well, Holo's ears are a part of her body.

If you've ever looked at wolf ears, you'll notice that the fur differs in colours and lengths:

To that end, I devised a concoction of paper clay and three different types of faux fur.

Then I hot glued all that shit together.

A little Got 2b Glued later, et voila!

I had a little trouble with the flow of the hair once I had the ears sewn onto the wig.  Specifically, it wanted to part near to the crown of the wig and go to either side of the ears, which created a few awful bald spots.  On one side I manage to part the hair so that it wouldn't show the bald spot, but the other side took a bit of silicon glue to keep the hair in place.  After all, though, my wig received a ton of compliments on how natural it looked!

I talked awhile back on Facebook about how much trouble I had finding faux fur in Holo's reddish brown colour.  Well, I eventually did.  On some sketchy ebay seller.  Then it didn't arrive until like two weeks before the con.  It was a good thing that the colour of the fur was indeed quite close to the wig or I would have been in panic mode.

So for the tail I took a fellow cosplayer's advice (seriously, you know who you are, and I am indebted to you!) and cut my tail with a curve.

The auburn fur is overlaid on top of the white fur with a jagged pattern.

Pre-stuffing, here is what I had:

Lots of furries recommended using a belt to attach the tail, but I decided against that in order to eliminate bulk underneath my corset.  Instead I stitched two buttons on the inside of the corset and used buttonholes in the tail to attach it that way.  It worked really well, actually.

Now, I did not document the corset because it truly wasn't that interesting.  It was a regular corset pattern with spring steel boning.  On it I did some bead embroidery in sort of a swirl pattern to mimic wind.  One half of the corset has small pewter flowers, one has small copper spheres that look like little berries, as sort of a reference to Holo's status as goddess of the grain.

For my reticule/neck pouch, I managed to dredge enough scraps out of the red dupioni silk that I used for the bodice and skirt to at least make the upper part of the bag.  I attached two tassels to its base and threaded the drawstring through eyelets.  Those blue beads were a nightmare to get onto the drawstrings because I was stupid and decided to apply the aglets beforehand.  Kinda oops.

At long last, here's what the final thing looked like!

Oh, and here's my trophy!  Isn't it sparkley?

Again, I will make a Holo photo gallery just as soon as more Holo photos start cropping up.

Next up: Merida!