08 February 2015

Victorian Photo Collection

This page will serve as an archive for the Victorian-era photos I have in my vintage photo collection.  These comes from many difference sources and some did not come with any additional information, so in some cases the best I can do is guess about when they were taken based on clothing and other elements.

This woman in a beautiful Victorian dress was one of my first vintage photos and to this day still one of my favourites.  I found her in an antique shop in Lincoln City, Oregon.

She is one of few photos I have that did not have a studio name printed on the front OR back of the photo, which makes dating it or figuring out its provenance rather difficult.  Based on the clothing, however, I would say 1870s or 80s...this style of dress was not not in-style until then and styles changed dramatically in the 1890s.

In this case, while I don't have an information about the subjects of the photo, at least I know which studio this stern couple's photo came from.  I found them in the same box as the previous photo at a shop in Lincoln City, Oregon.

My interest, as always, lies a great deal in the fashion.  Isn't that skirt cool?  The bodice, however, is kind of frumpy...I was wondering if she was not wearing a corset underneath it, or if it was simply ill-fitted, but I guess I will probably never know.

This dapper gentleman also comes from Lincoln City, Oregon.  Men's fashion didn't change as much as women's did, so it's a lot harder to pinpoint a date for this photo.  I'm going to guess last two or three decades of the 1800s, but it could well have been the early 1900s as well.

Note the "don't know" written on the back of this photo...people, you need to ask your family members to write the name of the person on the back of family photos so they don't end up anonymous like this poor gentleman!

This photo is kind of cool because we have names written on the back identifying all of these people!  This is a portrait, seemingly, of the Lytle family and friend.  I can't make out the first name of the lady on the left, but she and Lilly have fantastic cameo brooches.

From an antique shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

These two ladies come from the same box in the same antique shop in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, as the last photo, but unfortunately there is no writing on the back identifying them.

If I was guessing a date based on fashion, I would place this in either the 1870s or late 1880s, based on the older lady's bustle and the fact that those went out of style in the early 1880s, came back in the late 1880s, then disappeared completely in the 1890s.

Look at the younger girl's short dress!  She must have been fairly young to be able to show that much leg.  Both dresses have beautiful ruffles in them.

Of all the photos I own, this one is my absolute favourite.  What originally drew me in to this photo of Lydia Fuller was the beautiful pleating done on that bodice and cameo with chain at her collar.  The entire dress has a beautiful, graceful look to it.  In the theoretical future when I have time, I would really like to make a reproduction.

I have done a lot more research on this photo than on some of the others I own--for instance, I DID find a Fuller family from Wisconsin (the back of the photo seems to indicate Sparta, Wisconsin...but the handwriting is very hard to read).  I found a grave marker for a Lydia Fuller in Wisconsin who would have been about the right age to have had this photo taken in the 1870s or 80s.

I am putting this young boy's photo with my Victorian photos because I honestly have no idea where else to put it.  He is definitely wearing a Civil War uniform, but that's completely useless as a basis for dating this photo because they didn't produce this kind of paper photo until long after the Civil War.  That said, I doubt he was a Civil War soldier either.  Look at how young he is!  Even if this were taken i the 1870s, seriously, he would have been a babe in arms during the war.

If I were to guess, I would wonder if this young boy went to a photo studio that had the uniform for him to wear.  It could even have been a family possession...maybe his father's?  For all I know this photo was taken during the 20th century.

What is kind of cool is that I bought this photo in Troy, NY, which is right where it was taken according to the studio information below the photo.

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