01 February 2015

Jenny Flint/1890s Victorian Dress Photo Gallery

I made this red Victorian dress for the Troy Victorian Stroll in December 2013 based on a pattern from an 1890s dressmakers' pattern catalogue.  The main fabric is a red polyester brocade (not the easiest fabric I've ever worked with), with a dark red taffeta for the underskirt.

The dress is made in three pieces: bodice, underskirt, and asymmetrical overskirt.  I also made a petticoat to go with this dress out of scraps of muslin.  It's kind of patchwork-y, but it does the job and it's not like anyone was ever going to see it...plus, I didn't have to spend any money to buy fabric for it.  The materials all came from my fabric box.

I added scrollwork to the cuffs with some soutache trim leftover from various projects.  That ended up being an elegant touch, along with hand-worked button holes down the center front of the bodice.  To keep the collar closed I employed a vintage garnet brooch that I inherited from my grandmother.

To be honest, the hat is nothing special, but I was right up against the wire getting this dress finished in between classes.  I got this hat from a local boutique and just added some flowers and feathers.  Like I say, nothing special, but it did the job.

The following photos are from a Doctor Who party put on by my friend after the Victorian Stroll.  I decided to style one of my black wigs to look like Jenny Flint of the Paternoster Duo.  I even won the costume contest for best recurring character!  The Dalek cupcake was really tasty and I have the little poster hanging on the wall next to my bed.

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