08 February 2015

20th Century Photo Collection

This is the third installment in a series of posts to display my antique photo collection.  Most of these come from the first half of the 20th century, but there may be a little overlap with the 1800s due to inaccuracies in knowing exactly when these photos were taken.

A note on the back of this photo indicates that it is a wedding photo--we even know the lucky couple's names are Edith and Monty!  Is that short for Montgomery?  Maybe.

This photo is one of the few that could be either Victorian or 20th century.  Edith's dress could be 1890s at the earliest, but it looks to me more like an early 20th century style.  With so much information about the couple, plus a little time at some point, I may be able to find a wedding date in some online record.

I do not know the name of the man in this portrait, but I DO know based on his uniform that he was a World War One soldier and that, based on the chevron on his sleeve, he was wounded once before this portrait was taken.

Based on the cross this girl has in her hands, I am guessing this would have been a portrait take on on the occasion of her Confirmation or other important religious event.  Look at those beautiful shoes!

Interestingly, this photo came from the same studio as the previous photo of a girl holding a cross, and both came from the same box in the same antique shop.  I wonder, then if they are related?  My father suggested they were the same girl, but I have no basis for making that assumption.  At least we know this girl's name was Helene!

The way Helene's dress hangs is just beautiful--no one sells dresses like that anymore!  I wondered, upon seeing the scroll, if this may have been a graduation photo, but that is far from the only possibility.

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