01 February 2015

1870s Victorian Dress Photo Gallery

This was the first Victorian dress I ever made, originally for the 2011 Troy Victorian Stroll.  The main fabric is polyester brocade, with a matte green polyester for the skirt.  The pattern for the polonaise and bustle are from Truly Victorian, while I adapted a Simplicity skirt pattern to fit over the bustle.

Along with this dress I also made a red overcoat for wear outside.  The hat was a birthday gift, made by my mother--isn't she talented?!

The dress is, unfortunately, difficult to wear now because I fitted it to be worn over a cheap corset that I bought off ebay.  That corset has long since crapped out and I don't have one quite like it.  At this point I am wearing this dress over a Tudor-style corset because I need the bust reduction.  Without that I can't even button the dress up.  It's a shame, really, but I've already let out the dress as much as I can around the bust.  You can still see the shadows of the waist darts that I had to remove--they show up when I use flash photography even though I've ironed them out and they are invisible to the naked eye.

Whatever may have come from it, this dress was certainly a learning experience, and at that time I had *very* little experience.

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