01 August 2014

Howl Jenkins Photo Gallery

Based on Howl Jenkins from Hayao Miyazaki's film Howl's Moving Castle, this is the very first outfit that Howl appeared wearing.  This is a fun, non-competition cosplay...though I put about as much work into it as I usually put into a competition cosplay.  Howl was a lot more complicated than I thought he would be.

Coat and shirt are completely handmade.  The coat is quilted together out of pieces of faux pink "silk".  Both colours are the exact same fabric, I simply dyed the purple pieces to the right shade.  The shirt is made stylistically like a poet's shirt and it features a neck ruffle and hand-stitched eyelets to facilitate lacing at the cuffs and collar.

There ended up being a bit of pucker along the front hems of the overcoat, though in retrospect this should have been easy to prevent.  Fortunately I was able to stabilize it with the stiff gold trim, but I'll look out for this kind of thing in the future.
**EDIT 25 January 2015** I took apart the right front of the coat and redid the piping and trim.  With all that done, both sides of the coat hang nice and flat with no sign of pucker.  Well, let's just call this a learning experience!

I elected not to make the pants because I had a vintage pair that worked perfectly.

Howl's jewelry is all handmade by me except for the ring, which I ordered off of Etsy.

Progress posts can be found here:
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(Part 2 coming soon!)


  1. Oh that's great *___*
    I love Howl so much and I want to Cosplay Sophie one day X3
    Well done ♥

    1. Thank you!
      You should definitely cosplay Sophie sometime...Ghibli cosplays are so much fun x3
      Now I only hope that my Sophie pulls through with her costume! Or something...we shall see.