01 February 2014

Laura Roslin Photo Gallery

I made this cosplay based on Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica.  The skirt suit and shirt are completely sewn by hand (like, seriously, without a machine because I was home without one for a little over a month).  Textile for the jacket and skirt is Italian wool that I got for a steal on Ebay, but it was absolutely perfect for Laura.

My shirt is made of a gauzy crinkle cotton in a light ivory colour.  I'll have better photos of that later, but it has an overlaid pleated collar just like the one Laura wore in the TV series.  Its tendency to wrinkle at the collar is intentional, as the shirt worn onscreen also tended to do this.

My wig is a lace front Arwen made by Arda Wigs, darkened a little with FW ink to a darker brown, and then cut and curled into Laura's wavy hairstyle.

The Book of Pythia is also handmade and decorated.

Also, I respect people who wear this kind of shoe on an everyday basis.  A day or two of wearing them on my feet and I am ready to never wear shoes ever again.

Blog entries about this cosplay are available:

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