01 March 2014

Elsa Photo Gallery

Elsa was started in March 2014 and completed in June 2014.  She still needs a bit of work, including a last restyle of the wig and some additional scale mail around the bottom hem of the corset, but other than that she is considered complete.  Shoes will also be added to the ensemble in January 2015 when I enter Elsa in competition.

Textiles are all from a March trip I made to New York City.  Some fabrics were sold as silk (namely the blue and gold brocade), but later fiber tests indicated that they were actually synthetics, albeit good imitations.  I'm still 99% certain that the pleated skirt is silk, so at least that is something.

Embroidery work is accomplished using an amalgamation of techniques, including goldwork and beadwork.  I also combined unusual elements such as scale mail scales and jump rings for extra effect.

Brooches and earrings that I used in my wig and on my corset are vintage and second-hand.

All other information, including photos of the construction process, can be found in my progress posts:
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