01 January 2014

Renrin Photo Gallery

Renrin from The Twelve Kingdoms anime is kinda of my 2.5th cosplay.  I made her alongside Toph Bei Fong, but I never really considered Renrin complete because it never really looked spectacular enough.  In either case, I debuted this cosplay at Anime Kaigi in July 2011.

I remember almost nothing about how I made this cosplay.  What I do remember is that it is worn over a purple brocade kimono and my nagajuban (under-kimono) and the skirt never felt swishy enough.  It needed more fabric.  I really liked the coat, though.

Maybe sometime I'll do another photoshoot.  That would be nice, because the midday summer light in Arizona which we used for this one is way too intense to photograph with my camera.  Next time, though, I will wear a much better wig.

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