01 January 2014

Luminara Unduli Photo Gallery

I made Luminara because I wanted to do a Star Wars cosplay alongside my friend Amy who planned to cosplay Jaina Solo.  Actually as a birthday gift I ended up making most of her cosplay as well...!  Both cosplays were finished in March 2013.

This is an extremely heavy cosplay, but well worth it considering I wore it during the winter and had to walk from my college campus to the campus where Genericon was being held.

There are a lot of unique aspects of this costume's construction.  For that I'm going to direct you to my blog posts, because if I tried to sum it up here I would probably just end up leaving out a lot of information!

Progress posts can be found here:
Hood and Cloak Patterning
Finishing Up

The last three photos were taken by the photobooth photographer at Genericon 2013.  I do not know the photographer's name, for all they gave me were printouts of the photos, no business information.

All the other photos are from my Luminara photoshoot on 14 March 2014.  All lightsaber glow effects were added in later via Photoshop, as my saber does not glow well in dayligh!

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