01 January 2014

Jushiro Ukitake Photo Gallery

We are back to the beginning!  Wow!  Who would have thought after so many years that I'd still be wearing this cosplay, and making new ones, and I embark upon making a professional career out of costuming?

March 2010: Jushiro Ukitake was the first cosplay I ever completed.  I made other before, but they could never truly be declared finished even though one or two of them DID debut at conventions.  Maybe sometime I'll post photos.  Maybe.

While these kimono and haori were all based on traditional patterns, I did not yet understand how to put them together.  The sleeves lack the "hanging" bit at the bottom and they also do not have slits (although these would be out of place on men's kitsuke, Bleach shinigami shihakusho have them.  It is strange).  My hakama was made using a Folkwear pattern.

The black markings on the haori were made by cutting a negative out of laminating paper and then pressing fabric paint into the stencil.  I also made a pair of waraji (straw sandals) by weaving twine.  They survived for awhile, but I've long since decided my geta are more comfortable even if they are not screen-accurate.

Appropriately for the character, I made most of this cosplay while I had the flu and had to stay home for more than a week.  I was bored.  And so I made this.  Juushiro's been through a lot of different hair stages.  The wig in the photos is pretty final, though I do have problems with mesh showing near the scalp.

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