01 January 2014

Drocell Cainz Photo Gallery

Drocell was my second Black Butler cosplay after Undertaker and I made him not necessarily because I liked the character but because I enjoyed some of the design elements of his costume and I wanted to try my hand at making them.  He was made for presentation in the Anime Boston 2012 masquerade, thus his completion date was around March 2012.

I do not remember a lot about how I made this cosplay as I had not yet established documentation procedures.  What I do remember is that I had a lot of trouble fitting men's garment patterns for both the coat and pants to fit my feminine curves.  I also had never worked with velvet before.  Let's just say this was a learning experience about what you are and are not supposed to do with velvet!

In the end I was rather impressed with the result.  The costume has a very regal appearance and received a lot of praise.  After it failed to place in competition at both Anime Boston and Albuquerque Comic Expo, however, I mostly retired the cosplay and repurposed some of its pieces, such as the boots, millinery flowers, and striped socks.  Maybe I'll wear it again sometime, but it does not seem likely.  In fact, if you are interested in purchasing this cosplay, then please send me an email (albinoshadowfire@gmail.com) and we shall discuss that possibility!

If you are interested in the series artwork I used as a reference, please keep scrolling to the end of this post.

From the Black Butler photoshoot at Anime Boston 2012.  Photographer is my friend Jenny Donnelly (ShinakoPhoto)
Official photo from the Anime Boston 2012 masquerade

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