31 October 2013

Seth Nightroad Photo Gallery

Seth Nightroad was my first venture into the world of armor-making.  I learned a lot.  I also made a lot of mistakes.  So far, I believe this has been my most involved cosplay, and I doubt many could top it.  Anytime you cosplay from Trinity Blood, you know you're going to be doing a shit ton of work.

This was was finished up in November 2012 and debuted a few months later at Arisia 2013.  I actually started work over summer 2012 while I was working as an Artist-In-Residence at a Girl Scout overnight camp.  The cosplay was sort of planned out, sort of not.  I kind of took things as they came, and they turned out alright for the most part.  A couple things should have been done differently, but, alas, they were not.  Fortunately I cannot even remember what those things were.  So that's okay. 

Overall I probably used at least twenty yards of fabric and lots more lace and trim for this cosplay.  There are also countless beads, pieces of craft foam, and lots of hot glue pieces.  I don't even want to know how many bells I stitched (by hand!) onto that bloody scarf (which, I might add, I NEVER actually wore outside the photoshoot!).  Since taking these photos I have styled a different wig to go with this cosplay.  It's a bit more Seth-like than the bobbed wig I originally got.

Here are the progress posts on this blog:
Please note that most of this cosplay was made BEFORE I started this blog(!), so I don't have as much written about it as I do about other cosplays.

Best in Journeyman Division at Arisia 2013
Best Journeyman Craftsmanship at Arisia 2013

Photoshoot was in November 2012.

This photo and the previous one were taken by the convention photographer at Arisia 2013
The breasplate is made out of craft foam.  A good beginning material choice, but not the best.  The shapes were made by injecting hot glue into fondant molds.
Some detail shots of the fabric pieces, and the armor pieces I wore on my upper arms.  This took a LOT of time.

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