29 November 2013

Sakura Kinomoto Photo Gallery

Sakura Kinomoto was almost completely unplanned.  I had two options for Saturday night at Anime Boston 2013: compete in the masquerade, or go to the formal ball.  I did not get accepted into the masq for unknown reasons.  So I had to scramble to find a suitable cosplay for the formal ball.  Sakura was the victim!  I loosely based my cosplay on this promo image from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle:

The base of this cosplay was a poufy belle dress that I purchased from Aurora's Boutique in Troy, New York.  I have two such dresses now.  Yes, I have a problem.

The cloak is made from scrap taffeta that I meant to make into a petticoat for a Victorian dress but never got around to.  I painted it with an amalgamation of Sakura's memory feather design and the Tsubasa wing symbol.  The hairpin is made of paper clay and the staff is made out of mat board.  Nothing fancy, but I had to finish it all in only a few weeks!

Completed May 2013

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