30 November 2013

Kakyo Kuzuki Photo Gallery

Kakyo Kuzuki from X/1999 was my first serious foray into men's kimono.  It was an adventure.  Men's kimono are much more difficult to make that women's and must also be made to size (unlike women's kimono, which are tucked up at the waist).

Starting from the inner working of the cosplay, I am wearing a juban (underkimono) that I purchased from a used kimono seller.  The white kimono is made of silk I imported from Japan and is actually cream because, as you know, the Japanese associate white with death and therefore do not often sell bolts of white kimono fabric.  White would, however, be suitable for Kakyo because he's in a a permanent coma and wishes to end his own life, even though that is impossible given his physical state.

The translucent haori (or possibly kimono) is made of the lightest cotton fabric I could find that had the right weight for making kimono.  Organza would have achieved the desired visual effect as far as the patterning went, but it wouldn't flow properly.  I painted the design by hand using Jacquard fabric paints.

The cosplay was finished in November 2012.  Unfortunately I have never had a chance to debut it at a convention.

Kakyo would never smile like this.  Nevertheless I really liked this shot.  I'll explain why further down the page.
At some point I thought Kakyo deserved some happiness.  This photo and the previous one are 'what-if' scenarios...perhaps Kakyo finally went to the beach with his beloved Hokuto!

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