29 November 2013

Jushiro Ukitake (Shino Academy) Photo Gallery

This was actually my second full cosplay of Jushiro Ukitake and it broke a long dry spell where I had not completed a crossplay in over a year.  I've long decided crossplay does not work well on me.  Too bad, but true.

I kept this cosplay as close to authentic Japanese kendo garb as possible, but inevitably differences within the Bleach series artwork forced me to deviate slightly.  The hakama, for instance, ties in a bow in the front instead of with the elegant traditional knot.

The parts of this cosplay are relatively simple.  It consists of a nagajuban (underkimono), hakamashita (kimono) and hakama.  I also wore with it my paulownia men's geta sandals and tabi socks.  My wig is a Hansel in light grey from Arda Wigs.  Oh, and my katana is live steel.  It's decorative, but I bet it could still do some real damage.  Let's just say it won't be making any convention appearances.  I still haven't decided whether or not to finish up Sokyo no Kotowari's shikai release for this cosplay.  That would take so much work...

Okay.  Fabrics.  I couldn't find linen in the right shade of navy blue, so that was a custom dye job.  I mixed two kinds of RIT dye: navy blue and another colour that I can't remember.  The white hakamanishita is made of cotton shirting with an inconspicuous stripe pattern woven into it.  The mon (crests) on the front of the hakamashita, as well as the stripes on the sleeves, were painted by hand using Jacquard fabric paint.

The cosplay you see here was completed in August 2013.

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