29 November 2013

Fai Fluorite Photo Gallery

Fai Fluorite is, to date, the cosplay that took me the longest amount of time to complete.  He was supposed to be my first cosplay back in...2008 I think, but I didn't have the skill back then.  This current incarnation began life in 2010 or so and I finally finished it up in January 2012, just in time to debut at Arisia 2012!  Two years in the making, phew!

At some point I'll write some real blog posts about this, as I do have tons of photos.  Yes.  Sometime.  There's way too much to write right here.

I will say that, yes, the entire coat is appliqued.  Overall there are probably over sixty pieces, but I lost count at some point.  I achieved the gradient effect using watered down Jacquard fabric paint.  The "brass" findings are in fact paper clay.  I never made the staff.  After all the work I put into the cloak, it was just too much and I couldn't store it anyway.

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