31 October 2013

Undertaker Costume Gallery

Undertaker was completed in December 2011 and debuted at Ikkicon VI in Austin, TX.  The cosplay consists of a cassock-like undercoat, an overcoat with a large collar, a grey sash, two jewelry belts, two necklaces, false nails, a buckram hat, and boot covers with nine buckles each.  My memento belt utilizes the one canon character name that we've seen thus far (Claudia P., though now I think we've seen all four and learned that the 'P' stands for Phantomhive...as I suspected).  The other three are characters from other series who have died: Jenny from NCIS, Ran from Texhnolyze, and...I can't remember the third one.   The wig is styled by me from a wig I ordered off ebay (these were the times before I had standards my wigs had to adhere to...seriously).

Photos were taken in January 2012.

I do hope to have photos of this cosplay on a mannequin up soon!

ALSO: this cosplay is FOR SALE.  Please contact me if you are interested (email: albinoshadowfire@gmail.com)

Craftsmanship Award in Journeyman Division at Arisia 2012

I made two bone-shaped biscochitos for this photoshoot.
Gotta pose with the cookie before eating it!
Arisia 2012 Masquerade photo.  Unfortunately they only photographed my back.  The Grell Sutcliffe on stage with me is my friend Jenny.
Undertaker can be a Time Lord too!  And he has TWO sonics!  This was from Halloween 2012.
For Halloween 2012 I decided to try some different makeup effects and have an open wound on Undertaker's face instead of a stitched up scar.  I received several compliments on it for realism!

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