09 October 2013

Puck - Some Stuff

Guys, I am really, really tired.  I don't know why I am here writing a blog entry instead of going to bed like a real person would.  In fact, I am sure it is just a delay tactic because taking a shower and brushing my teeth would actually mean getting up from my chair and my chair is getting more and more comfortable as the night wears on.  Maybe I'll just sleep here?  That doesn't seem like a good idea.  The Finland flag pillow on my bed is calling my name.

See?  Can't you hear it?

But we've already gotten this far, so why stop?  I'm gonna be tired tomorrow anyways.

So I'm writing this post at this late and ungodly hour because I just entered Puck in the masquerade at Arisia 2014.  Probably I was the first to send in my application, which is great because I absolutely love being the first to go onstage.  This just goes to show that I'm very good at planning ahead.  So at least there's that.

I guess you could say all I've done for Puck so far is make her underwear.  Oh, okay, I guess they're kind of outer garments but you won't really see them under everything else.  Which begs the question of why I spent so much damn time on making them pretty.

If you read my blog then you're probably already seen this.  It is my design for Puck.  But for new peeps I thought it might be nice if I posted it again.

After all,

Here are the pants before I sewed everything together.  They look kind of stupid.  Like jester pants.  But probably no one will ever see them anyway under my dressy-thing.  Basically this exercise was called looking through the fabric box and pulling out whatever crappy scraps you can find the making them into a pair of pants.  Yesyes.  And it was alright I guess.

My shirt would probably fit a really, really big giant person.  It's about six feet wide in this photo.  Fortunately the edges are gathered so that a normal non-giant person can wear it.  Then I embroidered all the hems for extra-special prettifulness.

My wig is a lace front from Arda wigs.  It was very expensive and it has lots of hair.  Later this week or next week I'll buy a bunch of hair extensions and decorations to start styling it.

Did I mention that Puck is going to have ram horns?  They aren't perfect, but they each took a couple hours to sculpt.  They are lightweight paper clay sculpted over an armature of masking tape and scrap paper (seriously I just cut up an essay that I printed and the printer screwed it up so it looked bad and I had to make horns out of it).

Do you like close-ups of my ram horns?  They are both done now, but here is the same one as in the previous photo.

So yeah, here is how it looks so far on the mannequin.  We have many mannequins in the costume shop, but this is the only one with legs.  I have found it is very good to have legs when one needs to wear pants.  Otherwise they get rather limp and probably don't even fit when you're a mannequin that is help up by a single pole through the bottom.  Now imagine that none of this will actually be visible and realize that I just spent over fifty hours on this stuff.  Whoo.  At least I can wear the shirt as an everyday garment.  It is really soft and fun.

Another angle on the stuff that won't actually show.

So here is the fabric I bought for Puck's dress-type-thingy with huge sleeves.  It's shipping from Japan and it's originally meant for making Buddhist monk garb.  They always wear pretty stuff, so I'm sure this will be pretty too.  But it hasn't gotten here yet.  Maybe next week.

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