31 October 2013

Caterina Sforza (Rosencreutz Orden) Photo Gallery

Caterina Sforza was completed in July 2013 and debuted the same month at Albuquerque Comic Expo 2013.  The tailored jacket and Victorian-inspired skirt are made of polyester shantung, the shirt out of simple white muslin.  The tie is black brocade, the hat is covered in black stretch velvet, and the armband is made out of scrap taffeta left over from some project that I don't remember.  Appliques are silvery satin affixed to Steam-A-Seam and then decorated.  Other embellishments include dozens of buttons, about six yards of braid trim, and eight hand-sculpted pins made of paper clay.  The wig is the same one I used for Daenerys, restyled from a wig I purchased from The Five Wits.

Photoshoot was in August 2013.

Progress entries can be found here:

Best in Master Division at Albuquerque Comic Expo 2013

Very soon I hope to have photos of this cosplay on a mannequin for easier visualization!

Me with John Barrowman at New York Comic Con 2013!
Some progress shots from...March or April 2013, I think.

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