25 August 2013

Kira Nerys - So Simple It's Complicated

I swear, if I have to take apart her jacket ONE MORE TIME...... *fumes*

Okay, that comes later.

I really didn't start going about this the right way.  It's been damage control right from the beginning and we're just going to see how this turns out because I'm not even sure what I'm doing anymore.

Here's what we're working on this time:

Since beginning work I've learned that this is, in fact, a jumpsuit rather than a two-piece uniform, as I had designed it to be because of an earlier version of the uniform:

They're VERY similar, but the former looks much more streamlined and, in my opinion, attractive.

Basically, here's what we want:
Back zip, smooth silhouette, quilted sleeves, and a pair of leggings that have a close fit, but not skintight.  And a belt.  However that's gonna happen.

I started out with two different colours of fabric, though the uniform fabric was still a little too orange at this point.

The dilute red dyebath I put the orange in did little more than streak the colour, which was interesting, but not quite what I had expected.  I went ahead with it anyway because it was basically the right shade.

Sleeve and shoulderpiece quilting was accomplished by layering a piece of fleece or batting in between layers of fabric, then machine stitching.

Measuring for precision
Right before stitching
It was VERY difficult to keep the stitching straight
My original coat had a front zip, which I moved to the back in order to keep the front smoother.  In total I probably had to take this coat apart and put it back together again about half a dozen times.

Here is what we have so far (please excuse the poor lighting):

The fit is good, though unfortunately it doesn't lie as flat as the original.  Probably due to the lining, which may not have been necessary had I chosen the body suit option.  Oops.  Final step is to add the zipper.

Leggings are made in four pieces based off a pattern created by cutting apart one of my mother's old pairs of jeans.  They fit really well, actually.

If I thought all THAT was difficult...I just hadn't gotten to the belt yet T_T

From what I understand, the original is made from vinyl.  I've never worked with this material, so I expected it to be a challenge...just not this BIG of a challenge.

Liquid latex seemed like a suitable substitute for vinyl, so I set about purchasing the necessary latex and some modelling clay to make a mold out of.

It is NOWHERE NEAR that easy.  As I should have known, but chose to ignore common sense.  Anyhow, here is what I tried.  I hope it serves as a cautionary tale.

I made a little wooden stamp to impress the design into the modelling clay.  It looked like it worked out pretty well, but...

I mixed acrylic paint into the latex as colouring.  I got it extremely close to the original colour through drying tests, because latex darkens in colour as it dries.  Like, a lot.

To avoid air bubbles, I carefully dabbed the first latex layer into the mold.  (Although later on I realized that a lot of air bubbles managed to slip in >_< )

It's going to be awhile before I know how it turned out, but I think it's fucked.  I'm going to have to look into other options.  This is extremely disappointing.

So let's just say that this hasn't been one of my victories.  Let's hope for better luck with Puck.  I'm extremely frustrated with everything right now.

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