21 August 2013

Jushiro Ukitake - Uniform Completion and Sword Construction

That's right, Superman.  Don't bloody jam up the escalators.

This sign is from Albuquerque Comic Expo.  It went up near the end of the day on Friday.  I can only assume that someone *did* get their cape caught in the escalator and that's what made them decide the sign was necessary.  What an awkward way to go down, Batman!

Before we get on with your regularly scheduled content, I have a few updates.

First off: AlbinoShadow Cosplay is on FACEBOOK, OH YEAH!  So you can go over there and give me a ubiquitous 'like' and make me feel like I'm doing something in the world.  Or not, that's okay too.
Official Facebok Page Link!

Finally: I fixed the banner on the top of my blog.  For whatever reason, Blogger didn't like the JPG version I tried uploading.  Image quality should be much better now.

Uh, okay.  Remember that content I promised?  I think it's here now.  Hrm, yes.

These photos are all from my Ukitake photoshoot a few weeks ago!  So at least the fabric parts of the cosplay are done.  There's still loads of work left on Sogyo, unfortunately.  That'll have to wait until December because my school does not take kindly to woodworking in the residential halls.  True story.

For these shoots I purchased a decorative katana: real steel, true construction, but an unsharpened blade.  The booth selling them actually had several replica Bleach zanpaku-to, as well as a Klingon Bat'leth, which I seriously almost bought.  I DEMAND HONOR IN BATTLE, P'TACH

What I do have are a few progress shots of Sogyo's 'cards'...sorry, but the actual sword part is going to have to wait!

I've noticed on other cosplay props that Sogyo's 'cards' often cause the ribbon to hang askew, presumably because they are too heavy.  Others all bunch up in the middle.  In my design I'm trying to solve those problems.

I started by making the 'cards' as light as possible.  For these I'm using craft foam, not necessarily because it's the *best* choice, but because it's what I have on hand.

Proportions seemed very important to streamline the design.  I went through a couple different ways of drawing them before coming up with the shape above.

 Each of the five cards is made up of three pieces and they are all cut out using an exacto knife to produce straight edges.

Before layering...

...And after.  By now they are spray painted gold and coated with gloss sealer to metalize them.  The ribbon is another problem that I'm still working on.

Since this is a shorter post, I thought I'd end by sharing a quick preview of the next project I'm working on, which is so exciting I can't keep it quiet any longer!

This is my design for Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream.  And yes, I made Puck female.  Why?  Because I think Oberon needs a little taste of his own medicine--a pretty (albeit tricky) girl to fall madly in love with ;)

Planned debut for Puck is in late January at Arisia 2014...better get to work!

Next Post will be about Kira Nerys.  Until then!

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