26 May 2013

"Phramacy"...Well, this looks legit...

This blog entry is co-written by Jedi master Jaina Solo (i.e. a friend, trust me...or you can choose not to trust me, that's okay too).  It might not be entirely coherent, but we just spent the entire day laughing our asses off at Anime Boston and we figured we might as well end the day by sharing some totally unrelated hilariousness with my reader.  This won't have much to do with Anime Boston.  Sorry.  If you're looking for something cosplay related, either take this as a consolation prize or come back in a day or two when I've actually written something about this momentous event.  What are we doing here if not just to pretend to write about cosplay and then not write about cosplay?

So I got this email on my college email account encouraging me to buy Viagra.  The first problem is, I'm not a guy.  I am also slightly insulted because they may be implying that I need to give my (non-existent) male partner some Viagra to, you know, get things moving.  COME ON I'M NOT THAT BAD LOOKING.

Please magnify, Blogger is being stupid about sizing

The second thing is that they misspelled "pharmacy" as "phramacy," which I could possibly justify if the "r" key and the "a" key were closer together on the keyboard and maybe someone's fingers slipped...but they're not.  And, as you'll notice, they misspelled their own business name!

Since the crack is flowing freely tonight, we decided to check Google maps to see what was ACTUALLY at 30 East 23rd street in New York City.  You'll be pleased to know that there is quite a lot...

...but I don't think that Subway sells Viagra or misspells "pharmacy."  Do they sell any pharmaceuticals?  I mean besides delicious subs...or maybe they are running an underground business from the boiler room.

Now believe me when I say that this email was a gem among cow turds.  Usually the only emails I received in my bulk folder link to X-rated dating sites that assume I'm a guy and then send me heartfelt emails from girls wanting me to make their lives better.  I wonder if they know what they're signing up for.  >_>

One final gem to top tonight's foolish nonsensical post.

If you shop at Old Navy, apparently you can wear Batman on your legs.  I just can't figure out why Batman looks like a pair of regulah skinny jeans.  Maybe he feels blue?  Maybe he's feeling the blues?  Poor guy's lonely, you know, all trapped in that big mansion of his with only an old man and a couple other dudes to keep him company...and his toys.  Don't forget his toys.

We leave you with one last piece of dreck from the depths of the internet.  May we present...the NARWHAL SONG!  Jedi mind trick: you WILL watch the Narwhal Song.

I guess we didn't lie completely.  This is kinda Anime Boston related because they mention Jedi and narwhals and awesomeness.

There will be a real post tomorrow.  Or maybe the next day.  Or maybe the day after.  Who can know?  The excitement will just have a wait a little longer!  Unless you're traveling with the Doctor.  Then you can read my future blog post whenever you want.  Perhaps you've already read it!  What did I write about?  Wouldn't it be awesome to not have to write my own blog post because I wrote it in the past and then you read it in the future and somehow I managed to copy and paste it from the past?  Then it just sort of spontaneously came into being!  This makes no sense and we are tired.  That is all for tonight.

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