19 April 2013

So here's some interesting stuff to distract you while I write a real blog post

Since I'm still a little too lazy to write a blog post about my upcoming Caterina Sforza cosplay, and because most of my photos look approximately like blobs on a background of unfocused amoeba, I figured I would try to distract you with this utterly useless post.

Is it working?  Yes?  Good.

So I chose this week's complimentary funny photo because of something whacked out that happened in my Spanish class last year when we got to the food unit.  You know, there are interesting words like chicharrones and galletas and piรฑa, but you know what stuck?  Ensalada.  Yep, every test for the rest of the semester, every student in the class used that word at least once.  It was like we all secretly craved salad.  Every day.  Some people even wrote entire stories about salad!  By the end of the semester it was becoming an art, like, maybe the Louvre should do an exhibit on our crappy Spanish essays about salad.  Except that would be silly because that is an art museum, not some exhibit of crappy student essays.

I said there was going to be interesting stuff in this post, but it doesn't seem very interesting thus far.  What was I really going to talk about?

Ah, yes.


I noticed something really interesting on my viewer stats for this blog.  First of all, the United States is NOT my top country.  Spain is, and sometimes Germany.  Why is that?  My primary area of study is Spanish, but I've never written a blog post in Spanish.  Do I need to change that?  I'm not sure you'll like suffering through my awful Spanish grammar, but I'm willing to give it a try.

I also get an unusually high number of people viewing my blog using the Linux operating system.  Not many Mac users.  I am scared, because most people who use Linux are, like, super intelligent super-geniuses.  Therefore, I am humbled.  Maybe my blog is secretly more intelligent sounding than I think it is?  Nah, that can't be it.

Por favor, explรญcamelo.  Did I do okay?

I dunno where this is going.

I need a distraction to end this anticlimactic blog post so that I can leave now and not be late to class.


  1. Replies
    1. Just the cutest little thing... Having a lizard would be pretty cool. Or maybe a snake, I like snakes. As long as it's not poisonous, of course! :O

      I wish these things would send me an email when you reply to a comment. I just went back and checked through older posts and found you had replied, but it was from 2 months ago and I didn't see it earlier.

    2. They're so cute and at least they don't require a lot of specialized care. As long as they don't run off at the speed of light. My mother had a newt once that escaped its tank and they found it years later under the couch. Of course it was dead. And tragic.

      It sends me notifications when someone comments--even when I comment on my own posts. Doesn't do that when I get replies to comments I post on other people's blogs. Maybe they're trying not to spam our inboxes? I am not sure, but the technology certainly exists to send email notifications.

      Hmm...just now I am noticing that to the bottom right of this comment (as I type it) is a little link that says "subscribe by email." Does that show up for you too?

    3. Oh no, that's awful. :(

      It makes more sense for them to notify you, since the commenters are talking to you.... I'm not sure, I think it's just rather strange.

      Yeah, it does. That's what I initially clicked so that I would know when you updated, they send me an email every time that you make a new post, which is how I always know to check back! :)

  2. I've been going through blog posts, looking for the rest of that Raven cloak. Apparently, filler posts get way more comments then actual posts. ๐Ÿ˜‘ ๐Ÿ˜œ ๐Ÿ˜†