05 April 2013

Obi Jime Collection

 These are not "blog posts" per se, just a photo collection of the interesting and unique textiles in my collection.  To see the rest of my textile collection, click the link at the top of the page or go here:

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Obi Jime
Obi jime are cords that are tied around the middle of the obi.  They can be tied in intricate knots in the front, or they can be tied invisibly in the back.  Some are braided using a technique called kumihimo.  Some are made of fabric or other flat braids.  You can also decorate them with small brooches called obi-dome.  I tend to wear unique pins as obi-dome instead of buying ones specifically made for this purpose.

Typical obi knot
A maiko wearing a large obi-dome on her obi-jime

This flat braided obi-jime was a lucky eBay purchase.  It is silk, made with two tones of thread: one metallic gold and one yellow-gold.

This length of wide trim comes from a small fabric store in Santa Fe.  I bought it to be part of a maiko ensemble, but have since decided it is one of my favourite obi jime.  I have an antique rose pin that I often attach to this obi jime as an obi-dome.

I have a lot of trouble tying this obi jime because it is made of really, really stiff brocade.  It's really pretty, though...

 This obi jime was a gift from my mother when she and my father went to Japan on their own in November 2011.  It is silk and very finely made.  The colour is a gradient from wine-red to green, although the green got washed out in the photo.

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