05 April 2013

Han'Eri Collection

These are not "blog posts" per se, just a photo collection of the interesting and unique textiles in my collection.  To see the rest of my textile collection, click the link at the top of the page or go here:

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Han'eri are a long rectangular piece of fabric that get pinned or sewn to the collar of your underkimono (nagajuban).  They can be patterned, plain, or absent.

This is by far my favourite han'eri.  I made it out of some cotton from a small fabric store in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Red silk han'eri that I made as a part of a screen printing project during my senior year of high school.  I carefully cut out the pattern of sakura blossoms using an exacto knife, then printed it onto the fabric using silver screen printing ink.  I've never worn this collar.  Before it is wearable, I will need to iron the wrinkles out and cut off the excess fabric so it does not bunch up under the collar.

If I ever make a maiko ensemble, this is the collar I will wear with it.

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