06 February 2013

Caterina Sforza: Design Breakdown

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I've not had much to write about since I'm currently painting and painting and painting to get all the little designs onto Luminara's cloak.  My piece of fabric is about 6 yards by 60 inches wide...and it all needs to be painted!  So far only about 1.5-2 yards have their design.  Ay-yay-yay.

Too much paint.

In the interim I am working on a complete design for my Caterina Sforza cosplay.

You don't get a reference for the shoes!

This is Caterina in her Rosencreutz Orden uniform.  This is the only available reference of this costume, due to this event taking place somewhere in the story's future.  The idea is that Caterina joins the Orden in order to destroy it from the inside.  At least, that's what the author said before he died awhile back.  Hopefully the manga will get to this point!  I can't wait to see these costumes fleshed out.

Anyway, the challenge here has been drawing enough detail to complete the costume design, mostly using artwork for other characters in the Orden.

Welcome to Club Hair Gel.

Thores Shibamoto's artwork is absolutely stunning.  Anyway, here are a bunch of the current Orden members.  This is a wonderful image because it shows the detail in things like the Orden armbands and collar insignia.  Members also seem to wear shoulder patches and epaulettes, all of which seem meticulously detailed.

I have black tentacle things.  Your argument is invalid.

Isaak Fernand von Kampfer's solo image also provides detail.

Just gonna push up my invisible glasses.

Aaaaaaand he does it again.

My design feels complete now.

I'm not drawing out all the patches and pins.  I've got references enough for those that it's just not necessary.  I'll probably be painting/embroidering all the patches, whilst the pins will be made out of paper clay mounted on pin backs.  I'm going to try painting them with model paints sold by a local store.

Fiscal...umm...difficulties and the "improved" bus routes will not allow me to get materials for awhile.  Anyway, I've drafted patterns for everything except the sleeves, so everything's set to go.  I guess I could start on the pins at least.

The trim gave me a little technical difficulty, but I think I've settled on a plan.  Most Rosencreutz cosplays just use hem binding tape.  To me this looks...cartoon-y.  Fake.  Like, no one would actual wear something like that.  I'm going to sew piping into the appropriate seams and hems, then set it off with some slender silver braid.  Should look pretty decent, I hope.

Construction likely won't begin until mid-March or so.  The costume is already entered in the Anime Boston masquerade in late May, so I had better get this thing done!  Wish me luck.

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  1. Oh, you're putting it in the masquerade??? Good luck! :D