22 January 2013

Luminara Hood and Cloak Patterning

My first post of 2013 comes a little late.  I am sorry!

I spent this last weekend at Arisia 2013.  I competed in the masquerade and won Best Journeyman and Best Journeyman Workmanship awards for my Seth Nightroad cosplay!

Now I'm back in New York with my sewing machine and kit.  Time to get back to Luminara and numerous other projects that demand my attention.

Tonight's project was the hood for Luminara's cloak.

It's a little pointless because of the headdress, but she's a Jedi so whatever.  It's a really large hood.

All cut!  Now time for the little black designs on Luminara's cloak.  On the screen-used fabric, the black patterns are actually "burned out" areas.  I couldn't locate any fabric like this, so I will be using screen printing ink to print some linen with the same texture as the original fabric.  I will note that the reference photo I provided for Luminara does not show the cloak's true colour, which is more of a reddish brown than a black.  Just sayin' before anyone throws rotten tomatoes at me.

The test piece turned out really well.  I got really crisp edges.  I hoped for that.  The method worked.  on to the final piece...

I'm sticking pieces of contact paper I've cut into curvy shapes to produce the pattern.

Getting there.  The pattern did not come out as crisp as I had hoped originally.  I don't think that's a bad thing.  I like that the contrast is less stark between the black ink and the original fabric colour.

There ya have it!  The hood piece is done.  The pattern is a little inconsistent.  Again, I think that's not a bad thing.  It also took me about two hours to pattern the entire thing.  I can say that I am NOT looking forward to all the time and effort it will take the pattern the main body of the cloak, which is basically a five-yard length of sixty inch wide fabric!  So much surface area 0_o

Onwards, I suppose, but only after I give my back a rest.

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