15 September 2017

Doctor Poison Photo Gallery

Wonder Woman was the first superhero movie in years that piqued my interest and it was, I think, well-deserved.  No one can claim in was perfect.  But it was what we all needed.  Anyway, for as awesome as Diana was, as soon as I saw Doctor Poison I was intrigued.  She's the most interesting villain in years and her design was so interesting and immediately I was like, "her.  I want her."  Of course I was then disappointed with very little background and only a few short scenes in which she appeared.  Bring her back, please?

Anyway, I have to admit that I prefer her evening suit to her lab outfit, but the patterning for that suit is unfuckingbelievable so I decided to let myself mull it over a little before trying to draft it.  The lab outfit was far more doable in the mean time.  Mine is all wool and topstitched to within an inch of its life.  I'm still having trouble with gape in the front because the wool has a bit of stretch on the bias.  As much as I wanted to avoid it, I may need to redo it with an interlining to stiffen things up properly.  The mask was probably the trickiest part.  I'll probably make another soon, but the first one was a plaster base covered in paper clay, which I think turned out a bit thicker than I would have preferred.  I'd like to use a material that's a bit more plastic if at all possible, because both of the aforementioned materials are rather rigid and crack easily if I'm not careful.  I must say that Xtra Hold Spirit Gum has been a lifesaver because that shit DOES NOT MOVE all day long.  It's glued just as well when I get home as when I put it on.  So that's a relief.

The hood was a fun thing to challenge and I didn't get it quite right, but it's fine.  It was a really strange pattern to draft so that I would get those two sharp points on either side of the head.  The inside is already all covered in makeup because of the logistics of putting this costume on.

My greatest stroke of luck was finding the EXACT goggles that were used on-screen.  The vintage goggles were a chance find on Etsy.  Good luck to any of you trying to find a similar pair, I wish I could direct you in the right direction.  Unfortunately, they were the only pair available and I had to get them shipped from the freaking Ukraine.

Another vintage element: the boots are authentic, probably early 20th century.  I've had them for years and finally got them re-soled so I could wear them with this costume!  And as an everyday pair of shoes of course.

I'd like to make you all a tutorial about how to make the mask.  Stay tuned.  But understand that I am quite busy and it could be awhile even with the best of intentions.